Be Calm - KIDZ Minerals

Be Calm - KIDZ Minerals

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from on 23/04/2017
My 7 year old has sensory seeking behaviours and attention and focus issues due to his excitable energy. He has been taking 3 a day for the first term of grade 2 and his behaviour has calmed down so much. We ran out last week and he asked me for his vitamins that him make good choices...a mummy's dream come true. It took a good few weeks before he was able to notice anything, so we are glad we stuck to it. I am going to try and smuggle it into my autistic 5 year olds food to see if it will help him with his irritability and focus too. Thanks heaps.
nice taste, and it works!!
from on 9/02/2017
My child has started to develop ticks due to stress and anxiety at the age of 7, we have tried massages and chiropractic treatment and we found the most effective and efficient natural treatment is definitively the powerful minerals:) my son still have occasional ticks but way less often and we also balance it with the healthy appetite one so he gets the calcium as well as the magnesium benefit. Hope this help!
from on 14/11/2015
I have started giving this to my 5yo son after it was recommended by my best friend. He has high functioning autism with a hyperactive/violent streak. Giving Be Calm 3 times a day has helped him focus and play better with his sister and peers.

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