ZEN Sports 125mL Spray

ZEN Sports 125mL Spray

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Zen Sports Spray is specifically formulated to alleviate sporting injuries, such as muscle aches, sprains, and bruising, and is ideal for massaging due to the thicker, more natural consistency to the liquid, containing camphor which helps provide heat and supports massage.

Zen Sports Spray has been formulated with 20x the amount ofArnica that is used in the Zen liniment. Arnica is used to support sprains, bruises and general muscle aches and pains. The perfect formulation for prevention and protection. It can be applied pre and post activity. The non-oily glycerine base allows for ease when massaging and strapping over injury.   The “football locker room smell” of most liniments is from cheap chemicals such as methyl-salicylate, replaced in Zen with mentha arvensis, giving it its signature mint aroma.

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